The Purpose Of Activities In Children’s Football Classes

15th May 2024

At Kixx Football Academy, we believe activities in children’s football classes are so much more than just kicking a ball around. We have tailored the activities in our football lessons toward specific age ranges to support their developmental stage. Read this blog and learn more about how our coaches help child development!

How Do Fun Activities Help Child Development? 

While playtime is, literally, all fun and games, it is also a time to help your child’s development. Without realising it, fun activities are enriching your child’s brain, body and life. 

Research shows play can improve children’s abilities to plan, organise, understand the world, socialise and come to terms with their feelings. It can be used as an educational tool to help your child engage with maths, sciences and languages. 

For children, playing is a powerful motivator for learning, as opposed to things like grades or test scores. Usually, that is because they don’t even realise what is happening… play is the most natural and instinctual form of development! 

If we break child development down into social skills, physical health, cognitive and personal development, then fun activities can help: 

Social Skills Physical Health Cognitive Development Personal Development 
Explore feelings 
Emotional maturity  
Social skills 
Coping mechanisms  

What Are Common Activities At A Children’s Football Academy? 

At Kixx Football Academy, our sessions are specifically tailored to a child’s age, so not only are they socialising with peers their age, but it aligns with their developmental stage. They are designed to be fun, energetic and interactive!  

Instead of training the skills needed for football through tough drills, our coaches design activities that make dribbling, passing, and shooting feel like exciting games.  

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can expect in children’s football classes. Our coaches are always trying new things and evolving how they deliver lessons. Here are some ideas of what you might expect:  

  • Dribbling Games  

Coaches might set up challenging and imaginative dribbling courses that involve weaving around obstacles. They could even incorporate your child’s favourite toy as an added incentive!  

  • Passing Relays  

In this activity, children will pass the ball to each other in an orchestrated pattern. This is a fun way of engaging beginners who are learning the basics.  

  • Goal Scoring Adventures 

As opposed to the usual shooting drills, coaches may ask your child to harness their imagination, all to make the practice more fun! As opposed to getting a football in the net, children could be asked to imagine firing a space laser beam at an alien spaceship.  

  • Teaching Rules Through Play 

Nobody whole-heartedly loves rules- but they are an essential part of football (and any sports game). However, learning the rules of football doesn’t have to be boring! Coaches can turn this into a game, wherein children are learning but also having fun.  

  • Storytelling  

Our coaches at Kixx can do more than just kick a football around and lead lessons, they are incredible storytellers! By applying characters to field positions, children can understand their roles in a fun way! 

  • Obstacle Courses  

Not every football lesson is directly about playing football! Coaches will create obstacle courses that emulate real football challenges. These activities in children’s football classes can focus on developing motor skills, coordination, strength and balance. 

Image of kids at Kixx playing activities for children's football lessons

The Purpose Of Our Activities 

There are lots of benefits to the activities in children’s football classes. As we know, fun activities like games all help your child’s holistic development.  

At children’s football lessons, we specifically engage their physical fitness, which is crucial for their overall health. Kixx football lessons are a great outlet to burn energy, develop muscles and implement regular exercise into their lifestyle. 

In almost every case, activities in children’s football classes are centred around working as a team. This gives your child a sense of belonging and the ability to work on their communication, cooperation, and relationships- all are a vital part of social development.  

Games in football lessons are structured to facilitate cognitive development, from improved concentration to decision-making. Games may also include basic math concepts, so without knowing it your child is improving their intellect.  

The social interaction and exercise gained through activities in children’s football classes have a positive impact on emotional well-being. Exercise can help your child focus in school and contribute to a sense of accomplishment.  

The activities delivered by our coaches also teach discipline, albeit in a fun way, through simple rules. This can be applied to daily life and help establish structure and routine.  

How Do Activities In Children’s Football Lessons Change As They Get Older? 

The nature of the activities we deliver in football classes evolves and matures along with your child. Skills introduced and games that are played will all grow in accordance with your child’s developmental stage, which is why we segment age categories accordingly.  

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an image children dribbling at a Kixx football session, showing the activities in children's football classes

Children’s Football Classes At Kixx Academy  

We hope this blog has given you a better insight into the activities in children’s football classes! 

There is so much more to coaching at Kixx Academy than learning the sport of football… through weekly lessons, we help your child to grow and develop their confidence. 

If you’d like to find out about lessons near you, then you can find an academy near you here.  

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