Childrens Football Training With The Kixx Family

Children’s football training at Kixx offers a high energy, fun, creative and age-appropriate introduction to physical activity through football.

We provide children’s football training sessions that have been carefully designed for both boys and girls Ages 18 months – 10 years of age. Our innovative curriculum emphasises both the physical and social development for toddlers through football. 

Our goal is simple: To positively impact a child’s life at every opportunity!

What we stand for is shared by every single coach at Kixx and is showcased with the passion we deliver in our engaging sessions. It is what we believe sets us apart from the rest and why we continue to grow.

Learn, Grow, Smile.

Our children’s football training classes are split carefully into age categories to maximise fun, development and learning, along with keeping the coaching environment safe for your children.

We believe in allowing children to grow and we want to make a positive difference every single day.

At Kixx, we like to make football fun for the relevant age groups, deliver the ‘wow’ factor and find different ways of coaching.

Children's Football Training Academy Model

We have carefully designed curriculums for all age groups from 18 months right the way through to 10 years of age. Working with some of the UK’s leading figures in childhood development, player development and coach education. Have a question about our football training model? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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Ages 18 Months To 2 Years

This Kixx session is ran as a parent toddler group. The curriculum devised by our Early Years Experts has at its heart, play. Encouraging development of fundamental movements and development of gross motor skills, all done in a super fun, safe environment. Book a session now.

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a group of children at Kixx football training

Age 2

This Kixx session is fantastic introduction into sport.  Again, it is carefully run as a parent toddler group, so you as a parent, are a key figure in the session. The engaging, fun session is coach led and will follow a theme of the day which is designed to be fun, creative, and to both capture the imagination and the attention of the children. These classes provide a great foundation for the rest of your little one’s Kixx Journey. Book a session now.

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Ages 3-5

Kixx uses football, our national sport, to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices at this key development age. Of course, skill development is important to us, but the benefits of the Kixx programme goes much further than that! You will see the benefits to children’s self confidence, through our coaching methods, as well as motor, communication and socialisation skills. It is our job to make sure that your child has fun in a positive, safe environment. Our curriculum has been devised to ensure development of the “person” as well as the “player”. Book a session now.

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Children's football coaching at Kixx

Ages 6-10

All of our Kixx Academies are open to all abilities, both boys and girls, with a focus on delivery of our unique curriculum. We pride ourselves in creating a stimulating learning environment and our philosophy is that every child will be comfortable with a ball. This means that you will not see any queues and long lines at our sessions! We encourage player led discovery and of course always with a smile on their face. Book a session now.

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Why Choose Kixx And Join #TeamOrange?

Kixx currently trains over 25,000 children across the UK each week!

At our core is a love for sport. In particular the game of football. Our belief is that if we can make our sessions fun and impactful, children will then value a healthy and active lifestyle for the rest of their life. That’s how important our mission is.

Over the years Kixx has developed a reputation as a leader in our field. We enjoy partnerships with global brands, Premiership football clubs and National Charities. Today, we have a vast number of academies across the UK, from our Manchester academies in the North West to Norwich in the South East, the Kixx family spans the country! Our work goes way further than football and #TeamOrange is at the heart of all that we do.

Our goals and values are shared with every single team member: To positively impact a child’s life at every opportunity. We are passionate and excited about both coaching football, and how it can make a real difference to children’s lives while they are on their journey with us and for many years to come.

In a nutshell…
We Care 🙂

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