Academy Owners Come Together to Launch The First Kixx Franchise Collaboration.

28th June 2021

Kixx Academy owners, Tom Butterworth and Matthew (Matt) Ellison recently announced they will be launching ‘Kixx Leicester Football Academies’ together.

This is the first existing Kixx Academy Owner collaboration and one we are super excited about at Kixx HQ!

Both Tom Butterworth and Matt Ellison started their Kixx journeys with Kixx Doncaster many years ago before going onto invest and launch their own Kixx Academies. 

‘Coach’ Matt launched his first Kixx franchise, Kixx Huddersfield in 2018 and in just 3 years, Matt also launched Kixx Dewsbury and Kixx Leeds.

‘Coach Tom’ currently owns Kixx Bassetlaw, Kixx Goole & Selby and now joins forces alongside Matt Ellison to launch Kixx Leicester. 

Nearly 1000 children get active and attend Coach Matt’s and Coach Tom’s Academies across the UK and now they have the opportunity to make a positive impact together in a wonderful city like Leicester. 

Matthew Ellison, owner of Kixx Huddersfield, Leeds and Dewsbury, commented on the recent announcement:

“Both myself and Tom have been with Kixx for a number of years. It’s been an incredible and very proud journey for us. 

We both started as coaches at Kixx before separately moving onto buying and significantly growing our own franchise areas.

“We’ve also worked together on a number of National projects for Kixx UK and really enjoyed the process.

“It’s a truly exciting moment for me personally and it’s going to be a fantastic journey I’ll be able to enjoy with someone who I deeply respect.”

Tom Butterworth, franchisee owner of Kixx Bassetlaw, Selby and Goole, added: 

“In the last couple of years we had spoken about launching an academy together a number of times.

“It was more about waiting for the right time for us both and the right opportunity.

“We are really excited about launching the Kixx Leicester Football Academies together and making a huge impact in the city and surrounding areas.

“Leicester is an amazing city we both love and it’s a place that has truly captured the footballing hearts from around the world in recent years.”

If you’re interested in following the Kixx Leicester journey or would like more information on joining the Kixx Leicester Academies, simply follow the Kixx Leicester Facebook Page – Click here