From Parent to Franchisee

28th April 2021

The journey from Kixx Parent to Kixx Franchisee!

What an amazing story!

Introducing the franchisees of Kixx Burton , Gareth Degenhart (left) and Nathan Joynes (right).

Nathan Joynes is a former professional footballer with clubs including Barnsley FC, Bradford City, Halifax and Boston. Not only is Coach Nathan an exceptional Coach…..he is also the franchisee for Kixx Barnsley

Now let’s move onto the exciting story of our co-owner, Gareth Degenhart… because this is a first for Kixx!

First and foremost Gareth is a loving father, and a gentleman who passionately runs a child care and nursery company with his family.

Gareth has devoted his life to making a difference to the lives of children, so he was a match made in heaven for us!

What’s truly awesome about this story is that Gareth and his family have been Kixx members for years at Kixx Barnsley. This is how Coach Nathan and Gareth actually met!

Gareth was so blown away by the impact Kixx had on his own family over the last few years, that he wanted to know more about Kixx behind the scenes.

Several inspiring conversations later between both Kixx Coach and Kixx Parent, led to them launching another Kixx academy… this time together.

Fast forward several months, Kixx Burton was created and in Gareth went from a Kixx member to an academy owner and Kixx Franchisee.

Kixx Burton are fast assembling a wonderful team of super talented coaches, who are ready to positively impact the lives of children in Burton and the surrounding communities.

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