Global Day of Parents: Reasons Why Parents Love Kixx

7th June 2023

On June 1st, the world celebrated in honour of the parents on Global Day of Parents.

Becoming a parent is life-changing. For many of us it’s scary and challenging but it’s also exciting and inspiring. The journey that’s shared between parents and their children is simply remarkable. They are the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of our lives and as parents, we only want the very best for our children, and for them to be safe.

At Kixx, we fully understand this love, dedication, and passion for wanting the best for our children, and it’s why so many parents love Kixx.

Through creativity and enjoyment of the sport of football, Kixx aims to teach children the skills of the game as well as bringing the families closer together. And what better way to do that than through Kixx’s innovative programmes offering an age-appropriate introduction to physical activity.

Kixx sessions focus on developing children’s physical and social skills alike whilst promoting a healthy and active-lead lifestyle. With sessions that have been created and developed by professional footballers and trained coaches, children get only the best of the best. The best drills, games, exercises, and equipment..

This is what Kerry, a parent of one of our Kixx Superstars, has had to say about Kixx:

They have been outstanding. My son has additional needs and they (Kixx Doncaster) have been so accommodating. Nothing is too much trouble and they work extremely hard to ensure my child is included. Big shout out to Coaches Dylan and Connor. My little boy absolutely loves it and you’ve been fantastic.”

The Benefits of Taking Part In Kixx Classes for Kids

We know how multi-area development is key for children – physical, social, mental. They grow so fast and all of sudden, they’re no longer your toddling two year old but they’re ten instead. The physical education classes we have, like football sessions, help to encourage that active lifestyle for years to come. That can be really helpful not only for their day-to-day motivation but also their overall wellbeing.

There is communication constantly in football. Communications between players about passing the ball or maybe a communal team cheer of ‘GOAL!’ when they score. Other skills football teaches children such as empathy and cooperation, willingness to work with other people and to accept setbacks, are important but communication matters for each of those, too. It helps your child to develop not just in socialising with their team mates and friends but also to communicate about other things. And to the coaches also. Certain ways they might be feeling, something that they’re struggling with, or even to congratulate or console a team mate.

Without a doubt, the classes we have can help to improve your child’s communication skills.

If you’ve been following us over the past few months, then you might already know about Sirus. Sirus started at Kixx just before his 2nd birthday, now he’s close to 7 years old. His mum, Leila Sayah, has been completely overjoyed by the progress he’s made personally by attending Kixx sessions: “New chapters are always starting with his personal growth: talking a lot more, communicating, showing emotions more.

“I can say this is, and I mean 100%, fully down to Kixx and his coaches. Not just the big things but every little thing people don’t realise what it means to my son. I believe now more than ever that without Kixx, Sirus wouldn’t be the same child and has relied heavily on his Kixx family.”

Sirus only left Kixx due to the amazing progression he showed, playing in above age groups and his playing commitments with weekend teams!

Communication isn’t the only benefit of these classes, though. There’s plenty! Such as making new friends and introducing yourself to new people, working as part of a team, stimulating social development, developing fundamental movement skills. Like balance, coordination, and other motor skills.

Another parent, Rhian, says about Kixx: “The work done by all coaches is amazing, they never make one session the same and that’s why we love it so much. It’s helped amazingly boost my children’s social skills and taught them so much. Kixx is an amazing family to be part of.”

How Parents Can Get Involved With Kids Football

When our children start new things, sometimes there’s nothing better than getting involved yourself. And we have sessions that allow for this exact kind of situation. The classes we hold for the younger toddler age groups are done so with the parents in mind, also. Toddler sessions, curated age-appropriately and focusing on the aspect of playing, are also very parent-centred as they are parent-toddler sessions.

But it’s not just our sessions where parents can get involved with kids football. That can happen anytime, anywhere. Your back garden, the park, a communal sports field. Because football involvement doesn’t just have to happen during sessions at a club or academy. (Though our coaches really are great.)

In fact, football outside of scheduled sessions is encouraged by Kixx because the children can continue to develop and improve the skills they’ve learnt and progress. After all, practice makes perfect. You don’t even need to create an extravagant session with different activities. A little time at home dedicated to playing with your child is good for many things, not just their skills. It’s a good time to bond and have family time together. It’s also very easy to take a ball wherever you go and make sure you get that fun family time in.

You can leave the creatively-themed programs to the Kixx coaches if you want! According to Richard, a Kixx Superstar parent, “it is the coaches that really make Kixx so great.

“Ellie is engaged, enthusiastic, and always makes everything so fun with our youngest. Jake and Liam are both equally energetic and personable with our eldest. They all put so much effort into thinking up creative themed programs and strike the right balance between play and structured sessions with a pace that keeps all the kids engaged.”

Join The Kixx Family

Want to hear why else parents love Kixx? There are no commitments! If your child doesn’t enjoy their first session (which we highly doubt) then you can receive a fully refund. And the free Kixx kit you get with your membership… That’s your child’s to keep. As a thank you for trying us!

We have a space for everyone to be a part of, whether you join our Kixx franchise family or your child attends our football lessons. Kixx is a diverse community and we actively encourage the involvement of children, parents, guardians, siblings, and even extended family.

If you want to become a part of the Kixx family, reach out to our team today!

Send us an email via or give us a call on 01302 618080.

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