Teacher Appreciation Day – Appreciating Our Coaches

2nd May 2023


On this day, we celebrate teachers. Encouraged by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1953, Teacher Appreciation Day allows us to acknowledge and appreciate the role that teachers play in educating the next generation. Teachers play an essential role in inspiring and encouraging our next generation of leaders, whether those leaders be creative, academic, sporty, or all of the above!

Teachers come in all forms, whether it be your school teacher, volunteers and assistants or a sports coach – this day gives us the opportunity to show appreciation for their dedication and passion when it comes to paving the way for our children.

In this Kixx blog, we want to shine a light on the brilliant teachers and coaches that we know and explore what Teacher Appreciation Day means to #TeamOrange.

In the same way that teachers play a crucial role in the development of children, kid’s football coaches play an essential role in leading young football players to success! Coaches in fact play a hugely significant role in the lives of young football players, and they too deserve to be recognised for their hard work and dedication.

The Role of Coaches in Young Football Players’ Lives

Coaches make a difference in children’s lives every day. When a child attends a football academy for kids, they are not only welcomed into a world of creativity and fun, but also of leadership and skill, key lessons that are instilled by football coaches.

Football coaches, like teachers, encourage children to experiment with important elements that allow children to transform into successful adults. Skill, discipline, creativity and teamwork are all key factors that are instilled in children through the hard work and passion of a football coach.

At Kixx, we have so many brilliant coaches, who work hard each day to passion, knowledge and enthusiasm to our Kixx Superstars!

Kixx Education Coach in School

Kixx Coaches And Teachers

The Kixx Franchise has so many wonderful coaches across the country that strive to inspire our children – some of whom are even teachers themselves outside of our football academies!

We regard all our coaches and leaders as ‘teachers’ due to the amount of effort and dedication they put into educating children in the world of football, and sport as a whole. That being said, however, there are a few of our coaches that are also teachers from a professional point of view.

Lewis Collins and Harry Warwick are our co-owners of Kixx Reading and Kixx Grimsby and both teach primary school aged children!

Sam Spooner, one of our franchisees here at Kixx used to be a sports teacher within a school, but now focuses his efforts on his Kixx franchise, delivering a sports coaching curriculum with Kixx education, positively impacting his local communities. 

There are so many coaches at Kixx that deliver our sessions and Kixx education sessions to schools across the UK – encouraging passion and love for football to so many children.

Teachers and coaches should be celebrated not just on Teacher Appreciation Day, but every day. Thanks to their impact, the next generation of leaders is upon us!

“The work done by all coaches is amazing, they never make one session the same and that is why we love it so much. It’s helped amazingly boost my children’s social skills and taught them so much. Kixx is an amazing football family to be part of.”


Although Teacher Appreciation Day happens once a year, that doesn’t stop us from appreciating our teachers and coaches every day!

If you would like to become part of a family where the coaches work hard to educate your children – find an academy near you!

Equally, if you would like to learn more about how our franchise makes a positive impact within schools and nurseries, you can head over to Kixx Education to learn more about our coaches becoming teachers!

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