Teacher to Kixx Franchise Owner

28th February 2022

“Do you have to be a pro footballer or be within football to own a Kixx Franchise?”

The above question is one of the most common questions asked when receiving enquiries about starting a Kixx Franchise.

The simple answer is “no, absolutely not!”

Our growing franchise network is made up of incredible individuals from all different working backgrounds and experience. One of those different backgrounds is ‘Teaching’.

We have several franchise owners throughout the country with a background in teaching or actually still teach during the day alongside managing successfully a Kixx Franchise.

Below is just a bite size example of some of the incredible people that currently own a Kixx Franchise and have dedicated their careers to teaching or work within the education sector.

Pictured above is Mr Jude Imoh-ita, an amazing secondary school PE teacher by day at Kemnal Technology College, and also the co-owner of Kixx Bromley.

Next we have Michelle Green (Above), who was a ‘Higher Level Teaching Assistant’ for many years, with a role that focussed on PE, Healthy Eating, Bullying and Emotional Feelings.

In 2019, Michelle and her husband, Paul Green, became the Kixx Franchise owners of Kixx Chesterfield.

Sam Spooner (above) has worked in Education for over 10 years in a small number of schools across Lincolnshire.

It has been quite the journey of growth for Sam as he launched his first franchise in March 2020 and despite the adversities faced with Covid, Sam is now a multiple Kixx franchise owner with an expanding portfolio including Kixx King’s Lynn, Kixx South Kesteven and Kixx Boston

Last up, proudly holding the Kixx banner above is Harry Warwick.

A proud 2nd year primary school teacher at Scartho Junior Academy and co owner of Kixx Grimsby.

Excitingly for Harry he will be launching his second Kixx franchise in less than 12 months with Kixx Reading opening its doors during March 2022.

This is just a small selection of the fantastic individuals that work in education and the many other working backgrounds outside of football.

The common ground that all our franchisees share isn’t their background in football, education or business.

It’s their passion to make a difference to the lives of children and the desire to create a successful business with proud values.

If you are interested in launching your own Kixx Academy and becoming a Kixx Franchisee, simply head to our website or call 01302 618080 for more information.