The Kixx ‘Science of Football’ Coaching Programme

28th July 2021

Our Commitment to Quality and Development

Kixx’s “The Science of Football” is a nationally accredited training programme of learning for professional coaches of young children.  

It’s a training programme that’s been proudly written over the years by our finest coaches and sporting industry experts.

The Science of Football has been developed through studying the amazing human interaction and engagement between our superstars and coaches throughout the years. 

We are very proud to have this training programme nationally accredited by Active IQ.

We believe the ‘Kixx way’ is a way like no other.

Alongside the incredible people that work with Kixx, it’s our coaching methods are what make us stand out from the rest.  

Importantly this allows us to deliver a consistent level of service across the country as we continue to make a positive impact on every child.

Our Science of Football Training programme is something that is mandatory for all our coaching team as soon as they join the Kixx family.

The Kixx Way

The course focuses on the ‘Kixx way’ and really helps new coaches provide a wonderful academy experience for our superstars right from day one. 

Our programme also inspires all Kixx coaches to support ongoing personal development so they can deliver the best level of care and best quality of sessions.

 Kixx’s National Head of Coaching and Development, Andy Beaglehole, commented:

 “We’re delighted to be able to provide all new coaches and Kixx Academy owners with our accredited training programme.

“Our programme will help provide the knowledge and skills to deliver high quality sessions from the very first day.

“It will also provide a fantastic foundation for future learning to continually improve coaching skills. 

“Kixx is committed to helping individuals be the best owners and coaches possible, as soon as they join Kixx.

“This training and development can continue for every coach for as long as they want a career with us.”

 Kixx’s National Head of Coaching and Development, Andy Beaglehole.

For more information about our national coaching positions and Kixx Franchise opportunities, please contact 01302 618080 or email