Things To Do With The Kids This Bank Holiday 

22nd May 2024

As much as we all love long weekends, it can leave us struggling to find things to do with the kids this bank holiday. We want to make the most out of it… But where to start? 

Well, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we are going to run through a range of activities and ideas that will keep your little one entertained this bank holiday! 

Outdoor Activities To Do With The Kids This Bank Holiday  

As it is a May bank holiday, we’re keeping everything crossed for good weather! Now is a good time to get back to using that garden you had forgotten about over winter (don’t worry, it’s not just you, us too)… 

Did you know that on average children spend seven hours a day staring at screens, whether it be on phones, laptops, tablets or television? It is now more important than ever to promote physical play and fresh air!  

Activities outdoors benefit children’s general health, such as improved muscle strength, boosted immune system and elevated mood. 

By spending time outdoors, children are open to experiencing real-world experiences (as opposed to virtual experiences online). They will develop their sense of self-confidence as they build peer-to-peer relationships, greater self-awareness and an appreciation of the environment.  

Children love the outdoors. In fact, 85% of children spend time outside almost daily! So (weather permitting of course) if you’re looking for things to do with the kids this bank holiday, why not start outside? 

Ideas For Outdoor Activities- 

  • Going to the park  
  • Go to the beach  
  • Nature trails 
  • Picnic in the garden 

Educational Outings With The Kids This Bank Holiday 

While it is an extra-long weekend away from school, that doesn’t mean that learning must stop! Educational outings are a great way to enhance learning experiences.  

By continuing learning in a fun environment, your child will (without realising it) apply the knowledge they have come to grasp in school. This invertedly improves their confidence in the classroom, as they have new knowledge and experiences to share with their peers. 

As well as increasing their practical knowledge, educational outings can provide greater cultural awareness.  Your child’s sensitivity will also develop through a better understanding of the world and culture. 

It is important to note that you know better than anyone what your child will engage with. Some children show a specific interest in history, others in animals, others in sports, and so on, and so on. Believe us, there is truly something out there for everyone!  

Ideas For Educational Outings- 

  • Look at museums near you 
  • Immersive art galleries  
  • Visit Historical sites ie. Castles, landmarks 
  • Trip to a wildlife park 

Sports Games To Play With Children 

Now, obviously, here at Kixx we are big advocates for helping children take part in sports! The benefits sports games have on kids are truly never-ending.  

While we’re not expecting everyone to have a football pitch-sized back garden, there are some simpler games to do with the kids this bank holiday! They may not require as much room, but they will be just as fun!  

Just by having a kickabout in the garden or at a nearby field, your child is developing their motor skills, such as balance, agility and coordination.  

Playing football for blog Things To Do With The Kids This Bank Holiday

There are a range of games to engage your little one in physical activity. At Kixx classes, activities are usually tailored toward children’s ages, to target their stage of development. We’ll give you some examples of sports games to play, but feel free to give any of them a go, regardless of age! 

Ideas For Sports Games: 

  • Dribbling games- Set up an obstacle course around the garden. You could use plastic clubs, plant pots, mops, buckets, or any old household item. A timer is started once the game commences and the kids must navigate a football around the obstacles. If they touch one, it’s back to the start! Whoever has the shortest time is the winner!  
  • Football bowling- Using old toilet paper rolls, or plastic cups, set up a ‘bowling alley’, with 10 target points in a triangle at the end of the alley. Then, kick the football at the target and just like in bowling, watch the ‘pins’ topple over. Be sure to keep a record of your scores. Each player gets two goes. Really, you can do as many rounds as you want, but we’d recommend putting a limit on it, or your little one may want to keep going forever! 
  • Monkey in the middle- A favourite of ours. You might already be familiar with this one… The ‘monkey’ in the middle must make every effort to intercept the ball, while the other players try to keep it from them. You can do this by throwing back and forth, kicking or even with rackets! Once the ‘monkey’ catches the ball, whoever threw last is the new ‘monkey’! 

Activities For Kids At Kixx Academy  

We hope after reading this blog you have plenty of ideas for things to do with the kids this bank holiday, come rain or shine! 

It doesn’t just have to be a bank holiday to engage your little one in these fun activities… We do this every week!  

At Kixx, we run football lessons for children aged between 18 months and 11 years old. Our goal is to have a positive impact on every child at every opportunity and be your first-choice football club for children. 

If you would like to know more, head over to our FAQ’s, or you can always get in touch.