Turning the UK Orange

19th May 2022

Since the start of 2022, our Kixx Franchise network has continued to grow, and May proved to be another incredible month for #TeamOrange. 

St Kitts and Nevis International Footballer, Zeph Thomas, and his wife, Marie Thomas, proudly launched Kixx Sunderland at the start of May. 

Zeph is actually one of our earlier Kixx Franchisees having launched Kixx Bradford back in 2018 and is still heavily involved with coaching across the academies. 

Zeph Thomas

What’s amazing to see is that both Zeph and Marie have been part of Kixx on a number of levels right from the start, with Marie also one of the longest serving team members at our Kixx head office in Doncaster.

It makes us really proud that our own staff recognise the impact we are making and align themselves to our family values, to make a difference to the communities that we serve.

The journey from Kixx team member to franchisee didn’t stop there in May, as we also saw the successful launch of Kixx Rochdale.

Kixx Rochdale is owned by “Coach” Cameron Timberley, a Kixx coach from Kixx Wakefield. 

Many of our franchise owners started their Kixx journey as a coach at one of our academies, before deciding to become a Kixx franchisee, and Cameron is no different. 

It was a really successful launch process for both Kixx Rochdale and Kixx Sunderland with around 350 children attending Kixx discovery events.

Kixx Sunderland Discovery Day

2022 has been our most popular year with people inquiring about becoming a Kixx Franchisee and there are still many opportunities available. 

We have areas available in England, Scotland and Wales and we continue to look for people with the right values, care and determination to have a positive impact on every child at every opportunity.

Our Kixx Franchise Family is made up of incredible individuals from a number of different backgrounds both inside and outside of football. This is everything from teachers to former armed forces.

For more information about becoming a Kixx Academy owner, simply visit our website https://kixx.org.uk/football-franchise-opportunities/