What Exactly is ‘Kixx’ All About?

1st April 2021

We receive hundreds of messages from parents across the country enquiring about Kixx, and THE MOST COMMON QUESTION we receive is:

“What exactly is Kixx about?”

This is a great question and one we love to answer!

Teamwork is everything at Kixx, here are some of our members showcasing what teamwork looks like!

Your children are the most important part of your life.

You want to know that your children are receiving the best possible care and in the safest environment. 

If we were to ask one of our team sum up exactly what Kixx is in one paragraph, it would go a little something like this:

Kixx is a super fun, incredibly engaging and fantastic introduction to football for young children of all abilities. Our academies provide a safe environment for your children to learn, grow and explore.”

All our sessions are delivered age appropriate and developmentally structured so your little ones can receive the best possible experience and most importantly, have lots of fun.

Each child goes on their own journey of discovery and learning, but it is a journey that is shared alongside their ‘team mates’ in the Kixx football family.

What we believe makes us stand out from the rest are the people that work with Kixx.

The Kixx mission is simple:

To positively impact every child’s life and at every opportunity.

This mission and our proud values mean nothing without amazing coaches and people that share the same love for what they do.

Our expert coaching teams and staff around the country truly care about making a difference to the lives of children.

Every week our sessions are passionately delivered by a team of wonderful individuals.

You and your children are our reason ‘Why’… and that passion goes into everything we do.

When you join Kixx, you don’t join just to play football…you join because you want an incredible experience where your child will have the best time with friends, and learn new skills for both on and off the pitch.

That sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

But of course actions speak far louder than words, and we couldn’t agree more.

Which is why we would always advise becoming a member and seeing the magic for yourself.

However, this brings us to a ‘Joining commitment’ or possible ‘financial commitment fear’ when joining any type of activity or academy for your children.

Don’t worry…we totally understand this.

So to help ease any joining fears, we actually offer a ‘Money Back Guarantee’ on your first session.

This means that if you decide that Kixx isn’t for you after your first session, we will provide you a full refund.

What’s more, when you sign up to join Kixx, your child receives their very own Kixx football kit as part of the membership. This is delivered to your doorstep in just a few days.

The football kit becomes your child’s to keep, regardless of your decision after your first session.

This is simply to say thank you for trying us and we also appreciate the Kixx Football Kit could be your child’s FIRST EVER football kit. This is something that can be kept and cherished forever.

There’s also no contracts throughout your entire journey, so you can choose to stop your Kixx Adventure at any point, without the worry of being tied into any continuing costs.

We could talk about our WHATS and WHYS for hours to you because WE LOVE WHAT WE DO! It’s true.

We are football
We are friends
We are family
We are #TeamOrange

Heres a short video of action from our academies:

For more information you can contact us at admin@kixx.org.uk , message any Kixx Facebook page or call our friendly HQ team on 01302 618080