Mini Kicks Education

Mini Kicks currently works in schools across the whole of Yorkshire, providing high quality curriculum and extracurricular activities.

Our delivery of our sessions is planned by our experienced coaches alongside an educational specialist.

Mini Kicks employs only the best qualified coaches to deliver our unique approach to enabling children to enhance their learning through sports.
Our results prove that children not only develop a good understanding of a healthy lifestyle but have improved communication, increased levels of confidence and are able to work better as a team with their peers.

As part of the children’s university, Mini Kicks offers children the best possible chance to learn and our nurture groups target the most vulnerable children enriching their learning and development.

Our Company Why

To inspire and positively impact all children within our schools and leave a lasting legacy.

Our Mission for Schools

To provide the opportunity for children to explore a range of sporting activities and improve participation levels, communication and teamwork.

To enable children to reach their full potential, build their confidence and self-esteem whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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