3 Reasons To Enrol Your Child In Football Lessons For 5 Year Olds

2nd November 2023

Do you have a 5 year old? Are you looking at enrolling them in a new class? If so, this blog is for you! In this Kixx blog, we aim to explore 3 reasons to enrol your child in football lessons for 5 year olds! At 5, children are experiencing lots of life changes and reaching new milestones. They may have recently started primary school, they may be starting to make new friends, and they may be interested in starting a new hobby!

You may already know what happens in football lessons for 5 year olds, but do you know why your child should join? This blog aims to specifically explore the why – delving into what we believe are the top 3 reasons to enrol your child into a football academy for kids. Let’s kick it off!

Why Enrol Your Child In Football Lessons For 5 Year Olds?

As parents, it is often that we find ourselves pondering the best activities to engage our little ones in, to help them develop essential life skills and build character. 

If you aren’t new to our blog, you will know that we passionately believe in the power of football for children. It is no surprise that football lessons are a firm favourite among kids and parents alike – but why?

Image of girl playing football at Kixx football session for kids

Physical Fitness

At 5 years old, children are at a crucial stage in their physical development. Football lessons can offer kids an excellent opportunity to build and continue working on their physical fitness, including their stamina and coordination.

Football lessons introduce kids to fundamental movements like running, jumping, and kicking. Skills like these enable kids to build a foundation for more complex movements as they age. Playing football also requires balance and agility – a huge part of physical fitness. Children who attend football lessons are taught to control their bodies, move with precision and react quickly. Building endurance and stamina is also a key way that football lessons can support our 5 year old in their physical development. Football is a brilliant exercise for the cardiovascular system in children, attending frequent lessons can ensure that your child stays active and healthy. Kicking a ball, dribbling and passing are all skills taught in football lessons for 5 year olds. These skills contribute to the development of motor skills in kids.

Social Skills

Football lessons for kids offer so much more than just a physical activity; it’s a team sport that encourages social interaction and teamwork. Enrolling your child in football lessons for 5 year olds can help them develop essential social skills.

Children learn how to work as part of a team in football lessons. They are taught the importance of cooperation, communication, and coordination with their teammates to achieve the same goal. Football lessons also teach kids about sportsmanship and respect, for both their teammates and those with authority. At a football academy for kids, 5 year olds are taught how to accept both victory and defeat, fostering a positive attitude toward competition. Football lessons for 5 year olds are a brilliant way for your child to make new friends, build lasting bonds and share the joy of playing a sport they love!

Cognitive Development

Football lessons for 5 year olds not only benefit children’s physical and social development but can also contribute to cognitive development in several ways.

Football presents situations that require quick thinking and decision-making. Children are encouraged to assess the pitch, anticipate moves, and make strategic choices as they play the game. Paying attention during a fast paced game like football can help kids improve their focus and concentration, which can be massively beneficial in school. Football lessons come with a schedule, which teaches children about time management and the value of being punctual, this can be greatly impactful for those children who are new to school and are learning a new routine.

Football Lessons For 5 Year Olds At Kixx

At Kixx, we have football lessons for children as young as 18 months old. Our football lessons for 5 year olds are uniquely designed to support those children who are experiencing new changes in their lives, the biggest being starting primary school!

Enrolling your child into football lessons for 5 year olds at Kixx can be beneficial for their physical, social and cognitive development. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. In this blog, we have explored 3 reasons to enrol your child into football lessons, but there are so many more!

If you want to discuss more reasons why you should enrol your child in football lessons for 5 year olds, get in touch with our team!

You can call us on 01302 618080 or email admin@kixx.org.uk.