3 Things You Need To Know About Football Lessons For Beginners

17th January 2024

Football lessons for beginners can be a thrilling adventure filled with energy, enthusiasm, and, most importantly, fun! If your child is completely new to football lessons, this blog aims to share 3 things you need to know about football lessons for beginners. Here, we offer parents and grownups, looking to introduce their little one to the world of football, or a coach gearing up for a children’s football program, the essential things to keep in mind for a fantastic and enjoyable experience.

Football Lessons For Beginners: The Necessities

There are tons of things to keep in mind when it comes to football lessons for beginners. In fact, it’s quite tough to keep it to just three. Our blog explores tons more on football lessons for kids, check it out!

Here are 3 things that football lessons for beginners are all about!

Image of young girl at Kixx - football lessons for beginners blog

1. Playful Learning of Key Skills

For beginners, the joy of football lies in the playful learning of basic skills. At Kixx, we run our football lessons with having fun at the very foundations! We think it is crucial for beginners to learn key skills of the sport in a fun way. Coaches should design activities that make dribbling, passing, and shooting feel like exciting games rather than tough drills. Turning skill development into a fun challenge encourages beginners to learn.

Let’s have a look at how coaches can encourage playful learning of key skills for football lessons for beginners.

Ideas for coaches:

Dribbling Games – Coaches could set up imaginative dribbling courses that involve weaving around cones, dribbling through hoops, or even incorporating a child’s favourite toy as an obstacle!

Passing Relays – Passing relays where children pass the ball to each other can be orchestrated in a fun and creative way to really engage beginners.

Goal Scoring Adventures – Coaches can transform usual goal scoring practice and other shooting drills into an adventure for beginners! Children have incredible imaginations where themed activities can capture those imaginations and help provide fun to your activities. So instead of shooting, our children could be somewhere in space firing their laser cannons (the football) at the aliens (goalkeeper, or target).

Different age groups can be engaged in different ways! Learn what your children are inspired by and incorporate into coaching sessions. 

2. Rules and Positions

Understanding the rules of football can be a bit overwhelming for young children and footballing beginners, so it’s important that our coaches introduce rules gradually in football lessons for beginners.

Ideas for coaches:

Teaching Rules Through Play – Instead of bombarding children with rules, coaches could integrate the basic rules for beginners into fun games. Learning rules through the playing experience can really engage beginners who perhaps haven’t played football before.

Storytelling – Our coaches at Kixx aren’t just great football coaches, they’re also great storytellers! Storytelling can have many benefits for young children. Coaches could introduce positions through storytelling. Each position can have a fun character or an action can be associated with a fun word! This adds a layer of imagination to their understanding of the game.

3. Physical Fun

Children have bundles of energy, and football lessons for beginners should harness that enthusiasm through playful physical activities. Those who have never attended a football lesson before want to have lots of fun and feel engaged with the sessions!

Ideas for coaches: 

Obstacle Courses – Coaches can create obstacle courses for beginners that mimic real football challenges. Activities can include coordination, strength and balance, helping children work on their motor skills!

Mini Games – Break down the game of football into fun, exciting mini games. Dribbling races and passing challenges can be introduced to football lessons for beginners to make for exciting, short activities. Short bursts of activity often keep high interest levels.

Football Lessons For Beginners At Kixx

Football lessons for beginners should be a joyful experience filled with laughter, creativity, and skill development! At Kixx, our coaches keep football lessons fun, encouraging those just starting out to stay and work on their footballing skills!

So many children who attend Kixx have never kicked a ball before, and that’s ok – it isn’t too late to start! Many children develop a love for football that extends beyond the field.

If you want to introduce your child to football lessons for beginners, feel free to reach out to us!

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