Developing Skills in Infant Football Lessons

28th September 2023

At Kixx, we pride ourselves on offering fun and engaging football lessons for kids starting from 18 months and all the way to 11 years old. There are tons of benefits to introducing children to football early – it helps them make friends, improve communication, as well as develop some skills that will help them through childhood – even into adulthood! Developing skills in infant football lessons and making a difference to a child’s life is what we love to do at #TeamOrange. 

In this blog, we are going to share the ways in which we help with developing skills in infant football lessons!

Infant football lessons can offer a positive introduction to the sport, not to mention other aspects of life – offering benefits for children both on and off the pitch.

Let’s jump into the key skills we develop in our infant football lessons.

child and parent at Kixx infant football lesson

What Skills Will Your Infant Learn?

If you are considering enrolling your child into infant football lessons, but are unsure of what skills they will learn, this is the blog for you! The skills we help develop at Kixx go beyond football skills – let’s explore.

Movement skills – in infant football lessons, of course, we focus on developing their movement skills, focusing on balance and coordination. Learning to run, jump and kick are key ways in which football lessons improve a toddler’s movement skills. Working on fine motor skills can help your child both on and off the football pitch.

Social skills – infants are encouraged to make friends, talk to other children and ask questions to the coaches. Learning how to understand visual and verbal cues, as well as encouraging them to use their voices is a brilliant way to teach children how to make friends, follow instructions and communicate their needs.

Confidence – by developing social skills, we in turn build confidence in young children who attend infant football lessons. Positive reinforcement and experiencing triumphs in football lessons for young children can help boost their self esteem.

Fun – one of the most important skills we teach in our infant football lessons at Kixx is how to have fun! Learning through play can have enormous beneficial effects, especially on our younger children starting from 18 months old. Having fun during football lessons creates a positive association with the sport, in turn encouraging children to be active!

child and parent at Kixx infant football lesson

How To Get Started With Infant Football Lessons

Sure, there are many ways that we can work on developing skills in infant football lessons, but what steps do we need to take first? Encouraging children to get involved with football lessons, and experience the benefits we have explored in this blog, starts at home!

Choose the right class – knowing what clubs and classes to enrol your infant in can be tough. Football lessons for infants can host so many benefits – who wouldn’t want their child to get involved?! If you are interested in enrolling your infant into football lessons, why not find a Kixx academy near you?

Play at home – practice makes perfect! Reinforcing practice at home can be a brilliant way to encourage children to further develop skills they have learned in their football lessons.

Be supportive – as with any hobby, it’s important that you support your child, especially infants! Watching the sport with them, attending their football lessons and continuing to develop their confidence in football is a brilliant way that parents can play their part in football lessons.

Football Lessons At Kixx

At Kixx, we offer football lessons for infants as young as 2 years and even from 18 months at some of our academies across the country! Message your local Kixx Facebook page to discover what age groups your location has available. 

We work on developing skills that can benefit infants both on and off the pitch. Whether it be getting them prepared for school, wanting to boost their confidence or working on their movement skills, being part of #TeamOrange can help.

If you are interested in speaking to a member of our team about infant football lessons, get in touch!

You can call us today on 01302 618080 or email