Is My Child Old Enough For Football Coaching?

6th April 2023

When it comes to sports, we tend to think that they’re best suited towards children of a certain age group. Football is no different. You may wonder yourself whether your child is old enough for football coaching. Surely, having a good sense of balance, control over your motor skills, and an understanding of the game is necessary for football lessons?

And, well, it is. But it’s also not. In fact, football sessions are a great way for your child to develop their motor and balance skills. Our football academies for kids tailor classes to a whole variety of ages. Kixx sessions are inclusive to every child between 18 months of age and 10 years old.

Is My Child Old Enough For Football Coaching?

This is actually an incredibly common question regarding football coaching and lessons. And there really isn’t a hard, correct answer for it. Just as kids develop at different rates to one another, they also develop different interests. But there could be a different answer depending on the question’s meaning. For instance, talking about competitive football coaching is different. Children would need to be at age where they have the skillset and the understanding of the game, able to deal with emotional losses and wins.

There really is no “right age” to start football. If children want to play football, they’re probably old enough to play. When children are between 3-5 years of age, the development stage, they are able to do all the basic skills necessary for football like throwing and kicking the ball, running, jumping. But at the age of 7 upwards, children start to gain an understanding for the game and can focus on really developing specific sport-related skills. It doesn’t mean that those under 7 can’t play football, they’re just at different stages.

Although not every organisation that specialises in football practice will teach younger aged kids, those that have age-appropriate sessions are more likely to develop and engage in the sessions. 

Baby Kicks Programme

Football Training Classes

The football training sessions at Kixx are divided into age groups, taking care to maximise learning always. Maintaining a coaching environment that is safe is our top priority, as well as providing sessions that are exciting and help children to develop their skills. We favour fostering the development of children because we want to have a positive impact on their lives.

Our Academy Model

“Is my child old enough for football coaching?” We want football lessons to be suitable for every child who wishes to join them. Because we have age-appropriate sessions for children aged 18 months and up to 10 years old, our curriculum is carefully created with some of the UK’s top coach education, play development, and child development experts.

18 Months – 2 Years

We know that the skills of a child as young as 18 months will be lesser developed than those at an older age, so the core of our youngest age group sessions is play. Created by our Early Years Experts, this football coaching session focuses on encouraging toddlers to develop their basic motions and their motor ability.

2 Years

Parents play important roles in these sessions as children are still at a young age and need to develop their skills. Sessions for 2 years are great for just getting your child started with exercise.

These sessions particularly are designed to be entertaining and capture children’s imaginations, engaging them in an exciting session whilst still improving their coordination and communication.

Ages 3-6

This is a crucial stage for the development of children so Kixx employs the beloved national sport of the country, using it to promote a healthy lifestyle. Skill development is also valued. 

It is at this stage that the sessions begin to drift into a different focus. Developing both the person and the player.

Years 6-10

At Kixx, we welcome anyone to join our sessions. Boys and girls. Because girls can play football, too.

Every child should feel at ease when they’re handling their ball and that’s something we focus on at our Kixx sessions.

Kixx Football Academy

We want to have a positive impact on a child’s life at every opportunity and every week, Kixx impacts thousands of children throughout the UK.

By making our lessons engaging and memorable, children will feel comfortable interacting with us. Find your nearest academy; we’re easy to find. We are located across the country! Want to know more about Kixx sessions or children’s football in general? Just reach out to us! Our phone is 01302 618080 and our email is

On our blog page, you can find the latest Kixx news, tips, and guidance. And if you have any questions, check out our Parents FAQ section.