Is My Child Too Young For Football? Answering Key Questions About Preschool Football Classes

19th March 2024

One thing we’re often asked here at Kixx, is, “Is my child too young for football?” So in today’s blog, we’ll be exploring the right age for children to start playing football and answering key questions about preschool football classes.

What Age Can Children Start Playing Football?

Children can start to enjoy playing with a ball from a very early age. Even very young babies of about 4-6 months can often grasp a ball between their hands and feel its texture, shake it or bring it to their mouths to explore.

Although every single child is different, babies can sit unaided at around 8-10 months of age, and at this point, you can start to introduce simple ball games, such as rolling a ball backwards and forwards across the floor.

Throwing and kicking balls comes a little later, usually when a toddler is around 18 months of age.  While more advanced skills can take time to master, as your child’s coordination, balance and physical development continually improve as they grow.

Here at Kixx, we offer local football lessons to toddlers and preschoolers from the age of 18 months right up to children of 11. Our curriculum has been created by football coaching and child development experts, meaning we’re able to offer age-appropriate sessions for all our children to support their development both on and off the pitch.

Kixx Coach with Toddlers

Signs Your Child Is Ready For Football Lessons

No two children are the same and they all develop at different rates. This means that while one child might be ready to start football lessons as a toddler, another might not be ready until they’re at nursery or getting ready to start school.

Ultimately, you’re the expert on your own child and are the best judge of whether or not your child is ready to start playing football.

Some signs that your child is developmentally ready to start preschool football classes include:

  • They show an interest in touching, playing with and kicking a ball if given the opportunity
  • Your child wants to copy or join in when s/he sees someone playing football
  • They’re starting to develop and master basic motor skills like standing, walking, running and jumping
  • You feel they would enjoy or benefit from spending time around other children of a similar age

What Happens In Preschool Football Classes

If you’re looking to enrol your preschool-age child in football lessons, you might be wondering what to expect.

At Kixx Football Academy, our main aim with our preschool football classes is to make them fun! Young children learn best through play so our football classes for preschoolers are all about using play to build their confidence and abilities.

By mastering basic skills, such as balance, coordination and controlled movement, young children are laying the foundations for the more advanced technical skills they’ll learn later, such as dribbling, passing or striking a ball.

Football classes for toddlers and preschool-age children also involve grown-ups, meaning that as a parent or carer, you get to experience all the fun of our lessons too! Then, as your child grows in confidence, you can take a step back, encouraging them from the sidelines and watching them shine as they master new skills and make new friends.

What Are The Benefits Of Preschool Football Classes

Preschool football classes come with many benefits. Here are just a few of the many great reasons to sign your child up.

Aids Physical Development

Playing football helps your child develop and master physical skills like walking, running and jumping in a fun, pressure-free environment. It helps preschoolers learn how to control their movements for the outcome they want, for example, kicking a ball in a certain direction and can give them a greater understanding of how their body works.

Helps With Social Skills

Football lessons are a great way to improve your preschooler’s social skills. Children often make friends quickly at Kixx and bond over their shared love of football and their enjoyment of the sessions. They’re a great way for our grownups to meet new people and make friends too!

Improves Communication

Preschool football lessons encourage your child to listen and pay attention so that they can take part in exercises and activities. This can help them to develop their own listening and communication skills when talking to their football coach or their teammates.

Encourages Teamwork

Teamwork is hugely important in football no matter what your age, and learning to work together and support others is a key part of our preschool football classes.

Helps to Prepare Your Child For School

Starting school is a big milestone in any child’s life (and can often feel just as daunting for parents and carers too!) Preschool football classes can help prepare your child for school life in a variety of ways.

Not only will they have had the opportunity to master basic skills that will set them in good stead for the playground and PE lessons, but they’ll also benefit from the experience of socialising with children their age and learning to take turns and share.

Taking part in a sport or hobby that they enjoy is also a great way to boost a child’s self-esteem, so football lessons can help your child feel more confident about starting school, meeting new people and learning new routines. Even small things, like having their own Kixx Academy football kit can make a preschool child feel more positive about the idea of wearing their new school uniform.

Supports Children’s Physical and Mental Health

Playing and enjoying sports from a young age encourages children to develop healthy habits that will last them a lifetime. Getting the right amount of exercise is an important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle, not just for the physical benefits it brings but because it can help support mental health and wellbeing too.

Child at Kixx football birthday party

Preschool Football Classes At Kixx

We hope this has helped to answer the question, “Is my child too young for football?” and addressed some of the key questions about preschool football classes.

As you can see, joining a football academy is about way more than just learning ball control or scoring goals! There are so many fantastic reasons to get your child involved in football from a young age, and with engaging, fun and inspiring classes available from 18 months of age, there’s no reason to wait.

If you think your child is ready to start preschool football lessons, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can help you find a Kixx class near you. You can also call us on 01302 618080 or email

We can’t wait to welcome you to #TeamOrange and kick off your little one’s lifelong love of football.