How Football Lessons For Preschool Children Prepares Them For School

20th December 2023

Preschool years are a crucial time in a child’s development, laying the foundation for their bright futures. If you’re a frequent reader of the Kixx blog, you will know that our football lessons for kids can offer benefits for children both on and off the pitch, and the same goes for our football lessons for preschool children! In this blog post, we’ll explore the top five ways football lessons for preschool children can play a huge role in preparing your little ones for school.

How Football Lessons For Preschool Children Can Help Prepare Them For School

There are so many ways football lessons can help prepare your child for primary school, let’s kick off with the top 5 benefits they can have on preschool children!

Motor Skills Development

Football involves a combination of running, kicking, coordination and even throwing, making it an excellent activity for enhancing motor skills. Preschoolers engaged in football lessons not only improve their gross motor skills but also fine tune their hand-eye coordination. The activities introduced to them at a football academy can massively contribute to the development of the fundamental skills needed for things like holding a pencil, using scissors, and other activities they’ll need throughout their school life.

Teamwork and Social Skills

Football is about being part of a team, and getting involved in a football academy teaches preschool children the value of teamwork and cooperation. Learning to work with others, take turns, and share on the pitch helps them understand the collaborative element of primary school. These social skills are really important for making friends and working towards creating a positive environment for the children, the coaches and the parents too!

Listening and Following Instructions

One that makes every parent’s ears pay attention! If your child needs a helping hand with their listening and communication skills, enrolling them in a football academy can massively help! Football lessons for preschool children often involve listening to coaches and following instructions for various exercises and activities. Preschoolers who are positively encouraged, taught to listen and follow instructions in an environment like a football academy, are likely to adapt more easily to the routine of primary school.

Boosting Confidence and Self Esteem

Football lessons for preschool children help them to overcome challenges, set goals, and most importantly, experience achievement. As they learn new skills and progress over time, children build confidence which boosts their self esteem. Having a positive self image at such a young age can positively impact their approach to learning, encouraging them to tackle new challenges with self assuredness in the classroom.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

It’s really important that a healthy lifestyle is introduced to children from a young age, that way, those all important habits are easier to maintain, especially if your child finds an activity they really enjoy doing. Physical activity is a key component of a healthy lifestyle, and football lessons for preschool children provide an engaging way for our youngest superstars to stay active. Introducing young children to healthy habits like regular exercise, can contribute to better focus and concentration at school. Starting primary school is a huge change for kids and those who have an overall positive wellbeing, thanks to the influences of a healthy lifestyle, are more likely to take new challenges in their stride.

Child at Kixx football birthday party

Football Lessons For Preschool Children At Kixx

At Kixx, our football lessons start from as young as 18 months. Football lessons offer many benefits that extend well beyond the football field. 

If you are wondering how football lessons can directly impact how your child settles into their new school, hopefully, this blog post has helped! From motor skills development to teamwork and confidence building, the lessons learned on the football pitch can pave the way for a smooth transition into the challenges of school and beyond. 

If you would like to know more about our football lessons for preschool children, why not find an academy near you? Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team by calling us on 01302 618080 or emailing