What Happens In Our Football Lessons For 7 Year Olds?

19th October 2023

Here at Kixx, we pride ourselves on delivering our fun and engaging sessions to children as young as 18 months old and up to the age of 11. Our football lessons for kids can offer so many amazing benefits, regardless of the age or footballing ability of the child. In this blog, we are going to specifically focus on what happens in our football lessons for 7 year olds. At 7, children are brimming with the willingness to learn, imagine and play. Being part of #TeamOrange encourages all of those things! If you are the parent of a 7 year old who loves being active, and wants to join a football academy for kids, this blog is for you.

The Benefits of Football Lessons for 7 Year Olds

7 year old children experience many developmental milestones.

At Kixx, we encourage children to reach new milestones, all whilst having lots of fun! Let’s jump into the benefits of football lessons for 7 year olds.

  • Making friends – at 7, children are at an influential age, learning from others and deciding who they spend their time with depending on shared interests. Attending a football academy introduces children to a similar age, who love getting active, growing their friendship circle.
  • Teamwork – through making friends and learning the sport of football, children are encouraged to work as part of a team, toward the same goal.
  • Communication skills – learning football improves communication skills such as listening and following instructions.
  • Physical health – it is important that children are introduced to an active lifestyle they enjoy, improving their physical skills, stamina and also forming a positive association towards getting active.
  • Self confidence – when children experience success as a group and improvement in their own skills, this can have a huge positive impact on their confidence and self esteem.

What To Expect In Our Football Lessons For 7 Year Olds

We understand that not all 7 year olds are the same, every child is different, and therefore, at Kixx, we engage with children in a number of different ways, making sure our sessions are age appropriate, and most importantly, lots of fun!

#TeamOrange go that extra mile to nurture young talent and ensure that children get the most out of football lessons. We aim to create a positive environment in our football academies, ensuring children feel safe, learn and have lots of fun.

Football lessons for 7 year olds at Kixx include drills and exercises that are designed to encourage children to learn new football skills. Our football lessons can also include match simulation, games and tasks intended to encourage sportsmanship and teamwork.

Whether your child has never kicked a ball or is a footballing fanatic, there is something for all children here at Kixx.

Every child is welcome at our academies. 

Image of young girl at Kixx

Football Lessons For 7 Year Olds At Kixx

At Kixx, we believe in much more than just football! Of course, children are taught the basic skills of the beautiful sport, but we also believe in encouraging the development and improvement of so many other important skills that transform children’s lives.

We carefully create a football programme that encourages all children to be the best version of themselves, make new friends, learn new skills and have lots of fun.

We stand out from the crowd, setting ourselves apart from other football academies for kids thanks to our amazing and passionate coaches, positive environment and engaging curriculum.

If you think joining Kixx might be the right option for your 7 year old – why not find an academy near you?

If you have any questions surrounding this blog or want to know more about our football lessons for 7 year olds, get in touch with a member of our team today. You can reach us by calling 01302 618080 or emailing admin@kixx.org.uk.