World Kindness Day: How Football Lessons for Under 5s Benefit Friendships

13th November 2023

Today we celebrate World Kindness Day, the day we globally acknowledge and promote acts of kindness. Now more than ever, our world needs kindness. It is no secret that being kind and nurturing our friendships plays such a valuable part in our lives, both as children and as adults. This blog aims to specifically explore the age group of under 5s – touching on the top 5 ways football lessons for under 5s benefit friendships and promote kindness.

Did you know that joining a football academy can actually host so many benefits for children making friends and spreading kindness?

At Kixx, we celebrate kindness and believe that a football academy is a brilliant place for young children to make friends and learn the fundamentals of being kind to each other.

World Kindness Day

Before we delve into kindness in our football lessons, let’s first explain why we are discussing this topic in our blog today. 

World Kindness Day is celebrated on 13th November and this year the focus is on ‘making kindness the norm’. Companies, schools and families across the globe join hands on this special day to perform random acts of kindness. Whether it be sending an uplifting text, including intentional moments of laughter in your day, or sharing a compliment with a friend, there are so many ways that you can perform kindness every day, and strengthen friendships.

Kindness has such an impact on the strength of friendships, and making new friends, which is why we create a positive environment rooted in kindness at Kixx.

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5 Ways Football Lessons for Under 5s Benefit Friendships

Kindness is something that we continue to encourage in our football lessons at Kixx, across all age groups.  We believe that football can play an important role in bringing children together and creating long lasting, solid friendships. Let’s kick off the 5 ways football lessons for under 5s benefit friendships.

Learning Effective Communication

Football for under 5s can help teach children effective communication skills, allowing them to understand the importance of listening, sharing information and making decisions. Players are encouraged to communicate with other children which can help them build friendships. We also understand communication isn’t just through speaking, but also through listening and the use positive hand signals and body language. 

At Kixx, we encourage under 5s to express themselves, give and take feedback and listen, all with kindness.

Through communication, under 5s are able to learn empathy, understanding and how to be kind to each other.

Diverse Social Interactions

Football brings children and families together from diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences. At Kixx, we are proud to provide a positive environment where your children can feel safe, be themselves and happily make friends.

Starting football under 5 can really help teach children to be kind, develop empathy and embrace differences as they grow older. Children who attend football lessons can be taught to appreciate differences and that those differences make us individually amazing. 

Enhancing Social Skills

Football lessons for under 5s benefit friendships by enhancing children’s social skills and teaching them valuable lessons like teamwork, FairPlay and leadership. Playing as part of a team benefits friendships for under 5s as children are encouraged to collaborate, compromise and treat each other with kindness.

Through interaction with their teammates, coaches and opponents, under 5s enhance their respectful social skills, understanding how to be kind in times of pressure and competition as well as working on managing and communicating their emotions.

Developing Self Esteem

Children who are kind to themselves, are better equipped to be kind to others which can hugely benefit friendships. Those who attend football lessons for under 5s experience both success and failures which can impact a child’s self esteem and confidence. Ultimately, learning new skills can benefit a child’s self confidence, which in turn will allow them to acknowledge and celebrate those successes in others, strengthening their friendships.

Learning The Value Of Cooperation 

Under 5s are a crucial age group – maybe your child has just started primary school, or will be starting in the near future. Whatever stage they may be at, learning the value of cooperation is vitally important, and something that football lessons can teach young children! When children are making new friends at school, football lessons teach the valuable lessons of cooperation and working together.

Working together is a skill that benefits friendships both on and off the pitch.

Football Lessons for Under 5s At Kixx

At Kixx, we encourage children to be kind, every day, not just on World Kindness Day! We acknowledge the importance that kindness plays in building relationships and helping children create strong bonds with their friends.

Our football lessons for under 5s create an environment of kindness, respect and an incredible amount of football fun!

If you are interested in understanding more about our football lessons for under 5s, feel free to give us a call!

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