Back To School: Joining A Football Academy This September

8th September 2023

It’s official, we are in September – which means it is back to school season! As we wave goodbye to the summer holidays and start a new school year, many families use this time to turn to new hobbies. For many footballing superstars, September marks the start of a new journey. Whether you are joining a football academy this September for the first time ever, or you are moving up a class – this blog is for you. In this Kixx blog, we aim to ensure you football fanatics are prepared to go back to school and join a football academy this September – here is everything you need to know.

Joining A Football Academy This September

Whether you’re a player looking to enhance your knowledge, a parent supporting your child’s passion, or simply curious about what joining a football academy looks like, here, we will explore what you can expect when joining a football academy this September.

Back to school season can be quite daunting – especially for young children who are starting primary school for the first time. Football lessons for kids can teach valuable, transferable skills to get your child well prepared this September.


The decision to join a football academy is generally rooted in a child’s passion for the sport or a passion to be active. The first thing to expect when joining a football academy this September is that it will be a place filled and fuelled by passion and energy. Many children of the same age, alongside parents and coaches share a love of football and getting active. This is one of the reasons we believe being part of a football academy is so great for everyone! As a parent, it’s really important to encourage your child’s passion when they join a football academy and motivate them with enthusiasm and willingness to get involved.


Perhaps one of the biggest difficulties when a child goes back to school is structure and routine. Adapting to a new structure can be tough after 6 weeks off, for both children and their parents. When joining a football academy, a child is introduced to a structured and focused environment, having massive advantages to how they adapt to school life. 


Joining a football academy teaches children the all important lesson of teamwork. Improving social skills and making new friends are all things that a football academy offers to a child, setting them up perfectly for this back to school season. Learning the value of cooperation and making friends with like minded children of the same age offer huge benefits both on and off the football pitch.


Joining a football academy can greatly improve a child’s confidence. Whether it be through making friends and improving communication or developing new skills. Football, and sport in general is a great way of boosting a child’s self esteem, encouraging them to try new things and reap the rewards.

Joining A Football Academy - image of children at Kixx

Joining Kixx This September

As your child embarks on a new adventure going back to school, there are so many ways that joining a football academy this September can equip your child to settle in perfectly. If your child is joining #TeamOrange this September, the benefits we have explored in today’s blog are just the tip of the iceberg!

Learning structure, teamwork, confidence and embracing passion are all ways in which joining Kixx this September can help your child as they embark on the back to school journey.

As a parent, encouraging your child to join a football academy can not only host great benefits for them but for you too! Whether it is the joy of improving their skills, forming new friendships or pursuing new dreams, Kixx is the perfect place to be this September.

If you want to know more, find an academy near you or get in touch with a member of our team!

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