A Beginner’s Guide To Football Lessons For Kids

14th September 2023

Are you ready to start an exciting journey into the world of football? This blog is for you! Whether you’re a young footballing superstar or a parent looking to introduce your child to football, you’ve come to the right place. This Kixx article is the perfect beginner’s guide to football lessons for kids. At Kixx, we aim to encourage and inspire children to get into football, but we understand that starting from scratch can be quite daunting! Football is more than just a game, being part of #TeamOrange is an avenue for growth, teamwork and not to mention, heaps of fun! 

Let’s dive right in and give you everything you need to know about football lessons!

Beginner’s Guide To Football Lessons 

Learning The Basics 

No matter your age, if you are starting football lessons at the very beginning, it’s only right that you learn the basics. The great thing about Kixx is that children learn the basics of football through imagination and play, making it really fun at the same time!

Here are some basic skills that you may learn in your football lessons:

  • Movement – Moving around the pitch at different speeds.
  • Control – Basic ball control whether stationary or on the move.
  • Passing – Learning how and when to pass the ball to a teammate.  
  • Shooting – Striking the ball is what leads to goals and who doesn’t love scoring?
  • Defending – Marking opponents, making tackles and blocking passes is one of the fundamental skills of the game.
  • Goalkeeping – The guardian of the net. Working on your basic position, reflexes and shot stopping. 

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Sure, there are tons of individual skills to work on in football lessons, but personal development is only one element of football lessons for kids. Football is largely about working as part of a team, but what does that look like?

  • Communication – This includes listening, speaking and use of body language.
  • Support – Whether you win or lose or simply make mistakes, supporting your teammates is crucial.
  • Passing – Something we’ve already mentioned in our guide, but an important part of teamwork!

Teamwork really does make the dream work, especially when it comes to football! Football lessons for kids are a great way for your child to make friends, develop their confidence and develop social skills, which can be really helpful when they start school too.

Image of Kixx coach and children for franchise article

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any sport, when it comes to kid’s football, practice makes perfect and there are so many ways that parents can support their child’s hobby at home and help them improve their football skills.

Encouraging your child to work on their football skills outside of football lessons can be a great way to help your family bond.

You can set up mini games, drills and challenges at home to help keep your child engaged and excited about playing football.

Staying Active

Football lessons are a great way for kids to stay active and have lots of fun. Just as football lessons can be great for a child’s physical health, a healthy lifestyle off the pitch can fuel a football journey too – it really does work both ways!

Forming new habits that can aid children to live a healthy and active life are really important. As parents, it’s important to encourage children to:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat balanced meals
  • Get enough rest

Forming these habits can massively help children get the most out of their football lessons, making sure they are well fuelled, energised and recovered.

Starting From Scratch With Kixx

If starting from scratch is something that interests you or your budding footballers, why not find an academy near you?

Joining a football academy - coaches at Kixx teaching kids

Lessons guided by brilliant coaches are a great way for children to make new friends, learn new skills and grow as a player and a person!

We believe that football is so much more than a sport, and we encourage anyone starting from scratch to give it a go! Our beginner’s guide has given you a glimpse into football lessons for kids – full of joy, fun and personal growth!

If you want to know more about football lessons with Kixx, call us!

You can either give us a call at 01302 618080 or drop a line to admin@kixx.org.uk.