Children’s Mental Health Week – How Our Football Academy Nurtures Children’s Mental Health

2nd February 2024

Children’s Mental Health Week is an important time to reflect on the wellbeing of our little ones and the impact various activities can have on their mental health. At Kixx, we believe that sports, particularly football, can play a huge role in shaping not just physical fitness but also the mental wellbeing of children. In this blog post, we’ll explore how our football academy can actively contribute to nurturing the mental health of children in our Kixx family.

Children’s Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week, launched by Place2Be is celebrated from 5-11th February 2024. This week encourages schools, families and other facilities to equip and empower our children to talk about how they feel and feel confident speaking on the topic of mental health.

The theme for 2024 is ‘My Voice Matters’. This campaign aims to provide children with the tools they need to express themselves.

Joining a football academy - coaches at Kixx teaching kids

How Our Football Academy Nurtures Children’s Mental Health

There are so many ways that we put children’s mental health first in all that we do here at Kixx. We aim to grow children in all elements of their lives, both physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Creating a Positive Environment

Our football academy is committed to fostering an inclusive, supportive and positive environment that goes beyond the game itself. We understand the importance of building a sense of community and belonging for not only our young players but also our parents and coaches, as these elements are fundamental to nurturing mental wellness.

Emphasising Teamwork

Football is inherently a team sport. Through team activities and drills, our players learn the importance of teamwork, communication, and cooperation. These skills extend beyond the football pitch, positively impacting their social interactions and self esteem. Understanding that they are part of a supportive team boosts their confidence and helps them navigate challenges both on and off the pitch.

Encouraging Physical Activity

It is no secret that physical activity has huge positive effects on mental health. At our football academy, we encourage the importance of staying active for kids, not only for physical fitness but also for mental wellbeing. Football lessons for kids provide an outlet for stress, release endorphins, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Teaching Resilience Through Challenges

As with life, the game of football is full of challenges and setbacks. Our football academy teaches resilience in our players by teaching them how to handle disappointment and other obstacles. Learning to bounce back from disappointments is a crucial skill that offers benefits got children, beyond the football pitch. By facing challenges head-on, our footballing stars develop a resilient mindset that serves them well in various aspects of their lives.

Image of Kixx coach and children for franchise article

Children’s Mental Health Week At Kixx

During Children’s Mental Health Week and beyond, our football academy actively encourages positive mental health in the future generation of footballers. Our football lessons for children aim to educate players, parents, and coaches about the importance of mental health whilst reducing stigma and providing support for those in need. At Kixx, we aim to create a safe and positive space for our children to be themselves and flourish in our environments.

As we acknowledge Children’s Mental Health Week, it’s essential to recognise the vital role that activities like football can play in nurturing the wellbeing of our little ones. At Kixx, we are proud to be more than just a training facility. We are a community that cares about the overall happiness of our children the most, shaping not just their skills on the football pitch but also their character and wellbeing for life beyond the game.

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