How a Children’s Football Academy Can Shape Young Athletes

21st September 2023

Football lessons for kids go beyond just entertainment (although it really is a lot of fun!) Football lessons offer a great pathway to personal development. Football academies are more than just a place to kick a ball – they are places where we encourage unlocking potential! This Kixx blog explores exactly how a children’s football academy can shape young athletes.

How Do Children’s Football Academies Unlock Potential And Shape Young Athletes?

There are a number of ways in which children’s football academies can help play a crucial role in a child’s life and help them to shape into budding athletes. Let’s dive in!

Fundamental Skills

The journey of a young athlete starts with learning the basics. Those footballers who are starting from scratch really get the most out of the nurtured environment of a children’s football academy.  A football academy offers a structured environment where children are encouraged to learn fundamental skills, unlocking their potential to become footballing sensations or simply and most importantly, a positive attitude towards getting active. Young athletes are guided by our fantastic coaches at Kixx Football Academy to learn fundamental skills like dribbling and passing.

Character Development

Football lessons for kids help with unlocking potential both on and off the football pitch. Sure, children physically develop and learn new skills, but football academies are also responsible for a child’s character development. Learning skills such as following rules, teamwork and mental resilience, children learn vital lessons that can take them through childhood, even into adulthood! Learning how to handle not just the successes, but also the mistakes and losses at a football academy, allows young people to grow, not just as athletes but as individuals too.

Professional Coaching

If you have visited our Kixx blog before, you will almost definitely know how much we appreciate our coaches! One of the most significant benefits of a child starting a football academy is the access they get to professional coaches and ones that genuinely care about making a difference to the lives of the children that visit the Kixx academies. Experienced coaches who are part of #TeamOrange are brilliant at helping children in unlocking their potential and they work hard to encourage children to become young, brilliant athletes.

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Healthy Competition

Competing is a brilliant part of a child’s journey at a football academy, especially when they get older. Children are given the opportunity to test their skills against other players and showcase what they have learned in their football lessons. Getting involved in competition or competitive tasks, provide brilliant ways to shape young athletes, allowing them to deal with pressure and different challenges. 

Physical Fitness

Exercise has so many benefits for a child’s development. Football is a great way for children to push their boundaries when it comes to their physical fitness, stamina and endurance. A children’s football academy is a great way for children to develop those all important skills to better their physical fitness – acquiring the skills that are important to excel in the sport.

Professional Opportunities

Although this isn’t the focus at football academies – ultimately, we want children to have fun and learn new skills – for those who dream of a professional footballing career, a football academy can be the stepping stone in unlocking potential and going onto big things! After the successes our country has seen in Women’s football, more and more children are getting into football at a young age, wanting to be like their idols! The growing popularity of football for girls and boys has seen more and more academies shaping young athletes. Many football academies have connections with professional clubs – with Premier League players being franchisees for Kixx!

How Kixx Can Shape Young Athletes

At Kixx, our focus is to help children in unlocking their potential, whilst having tons of fun! We believe that our football academy is more than just a place to play football; it’s a platform where children have the opportunity to develop, as individuals and young athletes

If your child aspires to make a mark in the world of football or simply have lots of fun getting active, why not find a children’s football academy near you?

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