How To Run A Successful Football Academy For Kids 

12th October 2023

Whether you already coach at a football academy for kids or want to embark on a new adventure, running a successful children’s football academy is no mean feat. If you are passionate about football and want to share your love for the game with the next generation of superstars, this blog is for you. Running a successful football academy for young children is a rewarding and exciting venture. Here, we will guide you on how to run a successful football academy for kids. 

Run A Successful Football Academy For Kids: First Steps

Whether you are setting out on your own, or joining a brilliant franchise family like #TeamOrange, there are several steps for you to take.

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1. Choose Your Path

There are two primary models when it comes to football academies for kids. You may choose to start your own independent academy or join an existing franchise like Kixx!

Independent Academy:

   – Responsibility for curriculum, operations, marketing and payment systems.

   – Responsibility for building your brand and perhaps reputation

   – Tailor the program.


   – Established branding and marketing support.

   – Proven training programs and resources.

   – Proven business model 

   – Clear guidelines to follow

Your choice will largely depend on your goals, resources, and preferences.

2. Find Facilities

Finding suitable and safe facilities for your children’s football academy is one of the key steps to setting up. 

In the UK, it is no secret that the weather is uncertain. Football academies in the UK potentially need access to both outdoor and indoor facilities for training sessions. Ensuring facilities are safe, well-maintained, and equipped for children’s football is key to attracting and retaining young players.

3. Qualified Coaches

Coaching staff are one of the most pivotal roles in the success of a football academy for kids. At Kixx, we work collectively to nurture young talent and support our coaches in getting the best out of themselves, and their players. 

Learn more about Kixx coaches who have started their franchise journey here.

4.  Player Development

The primary goal of any football academy for kids is of course watching children grow into skilful, successful players but more importantly happy children who are enjoying getting active. Sharing your passion for the sport and the benefits it hosts for young children is a beautiful yet challenging aspect of running a successful football academy for kids. A successful football academy for kids should emphasise physical and emotional development, unlocking their potential and bettering the lives of young people and their families, both on and off the pitch.

5. Create a Positive Environment

Creating a positive environment in a football academy is important in order to make sure young athletes feel safe, encouraged, and motivated to do their best.

A positive environment in a football academy encourages children to be confident, make friends, and continue to improve their skills.

Run A Successful Football Academy For Kids At Kixx

Here at Kixx, we have endless examples of brilliant coaches taking on the challenge of running their own football academy, joining the Kixx franchise and taking the next step in their Kixx career

Joining #TeamOrange as a franchisee can offer so many amazing challenges and adventures.

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We encourage our franchisees to run and grow their own coaching business by following our proven franchise model. Our goal remains constant at Kixx, to positively impact a child’s life, and at every opportunity! Running your own football academy with Kixx can offer brilliant revenue benefits, as well as an amazing opportunity to share your football passion with children, helping not only make a difference to their lives but also making a positive difference to yours too.

If you want to learn more about how to run a successful football academy for kids with Kixx, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team! Take a look and follow our Kixx Franchising Facebook page to view the latest Kixx Franchise family news. 

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