The Ultimate Guide To Preschool Football

8th February 2024

Introducing your little one to the world of football at an early age can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Football lessons for children at preschool age are a fantastic way to nurture physical development, social skills, and a love for sport and activity in your child. In this ultimate guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about preschool football at Kixx.

Our Top Tips For Starting Preschool Football Lessons

Preschool aged children are at the perfect age to embark on a new hobby, especially one that can teach them vital skills, paving the way for them throughout their school lives and beyond. Infants are at a crucial stage in their development, both physically, mentally and socially, and football lessons can have a hugely positive impact on the development of preschool aged kids.

If you are looking for ways to prepare your little ones for school, you may not have initially thought, but introducing them to a hobby, specifically a sport can lend a helping hand in getting them prepped for school life.

Before jumping straight into enrolling your child into football classes, there are some things to consider first. Whether you are a parent of a preschool aged child or coaching preschool football, this ultimate guide is going to give you all you need to expect in football lessons for infants.

Preschool football lessons will likely include equipment that is perfect for tiny hands and feet. You can expect your child to be using miniature sized footballs, that may be slightly softer than a normal ball, easing them into the sport. 

Kixx Coach with Toddlers

It’s really important for parents to dress their children appropriately for football lessons. At Kixx every child receives their very own#TeamOrange uniform, but whether it’s our kit or a child’s favourite football shirt,  children need to be comfortable and able to run and play freely in their clothing.

Whether you are practising at home or attending a football academy for kids, it’s really important in football lessons for preschool aged children that they feel completely immersed in a positive environment.A flat area with minimal obstacles is ideal for practising football skills with your child at home. Creating a positive and safe environment is crucial for football for preschoolers as it helps children stay engaged with the sport, as well as develop a love and passion for it!

Simple instructions and explanations are really important in preschool football. Football lessons for little children should really focus on the basic concepts of football like kicking, running and other mobility actions. At Kixx, our coaches think it is really useful for little ones to learn through play, so our preschool football sessions hugely focus on having fun! Football lessons can teach little ones so many important life skills, including the importance of working together, making friends and taking turns.

We believe that younger children learn best through playing engaging games and having loads of fun, which is why preschool football involves fun drills, games and activities to keep the little ones engaged.

The use of positive reinforcement is no doubt crucial to the healthy development of a child. In football lessons, children are praised for getting involved and trying their best no matter the outcome. Our coaches use positive language in order to boost confidence of little one and help them create a positive association with the sport.

At Kixx, it is more than just the kid’s football class, we aim to get parentsinvolved too! If you are thinking of enrolling your child into preschool football lessons at Kixx, be prepared to get involved! We believe that football lessons for infants can be a brilliant opportunity for parent and child to bond, and learn something together before they go off to school. This doesn’t stop at the academy. It’s brilliant for parents to spend quality time playing football with their preschoolers to strengthen their bond and reinforce the skills they learn.

father and son at Kixx football lesson for preschool children

Preschool Football At Kixx

Football is more than just a sport; it’s a gateway to a healthy and active lifestyle for your little one. At Kixx, we pride ourselves on offering fun, engaging and inspiring classes to children as young as 18 months old. By providing a nurturing and positive environment, #TeamOrange set the foundation for a lifelong love of football. 

Joining a football academy opens up avenues to celebrate the small victories, embrace the joy of play, and most importantly, cherish the precious moments spent bonding with your child on the football field. The skills and lessons taught in preschool football are sure to send your little ones soaring as they start on their new adventure of school.

If you would like to know more about preschool football or are interested in joining an academy near you, reach out.

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