Building Confidence and Character at our Football Academy

19th February 2024

In today’s bustling world, children are introduced to various activities, hobby choices and it can be really tough for little ones to choose what is the best fit for them. Not to mention tough for parents to know what classes to enrol their children in. 

Let us help make that decision easier for you! 

Football is not just a sport, children are able to build confidence and character when they join a football academy. It’s really important for children to channel their energy and enthusiasm into activities that not only keep them physically active but also contribute to their overall development

At our football academy for kids, we understand the importance of building confidence and character alongside honing kids’ football skills. In this particular blog, we’ll explore how football training for children can be a powerful tool in positively shaping young minds and behaviours.

How Joining A Football Academy Helps Build Confidence And Character

If you are wanting to know how to build a child’s confidence, enrolling them in a fun class with other like minded children is a great place to start. Joining a football academy can build your child’s character in many ways – let’s explore how!

Image of two boys enjoying Kixx football session at football academy for kids

Teamwork and Cooperation – Football is a team sport that highlights the importance of working together towards the same goal. Our football academy focuses on teaching the values of teamwork and cooperation to children as young as 18 months old. Children learn to communicate, trust their teammates, and understand the importance of joint effort. These skills not only benefit them on the pitch but also in various aspects of their lives.

Resilience and Perseverance – Football, like life, is full of ups and downs. From missed goals, to losing a match, children learn to face challenges with resilience and perseverance. These experiences teach little ones that setbacks are not failures but instead, opportunities to grow. Kixx creates a positive environment where making mistakes is all part of the learning process.

Commitment Young ones who are starting school benefit from football lessons as they teach them important lessons such as commitment. Parents, we hear your sigh of relief! Kixx is here to be your helping hand, teaching your little ones valuable lessons that will benefit them on the pitch, at home and as they embark on their journeys in the classroom. Sticking to football training and other regular exercise requires a level of commitment and dedication. Children at our football academies can also develop their overall communication skills to focus, listen and learn from coaches, as well as a sense of responsibility as they stick to attending every week. All beneficial both on and off the pitch. 

Healthy Lifestyle Choices – Football lessons build character by promoting physical fitness. Children not only improve their football skills but also cultivate a love for an active and healthy lifestyle. It is no secret that an active body can significantly contribute to a healthy mind, helping their overall confidence and self-esteem.

Building Self Confidence – Following on from our last point, joining a football academy can improve self esteem in a number of ways, Success on the football pitch translates to increased self confidence. Whether it’s mastering a new skill or scoring a goal, each accomplishment contributes to a child’s belief in their abilities, in turn, building their character. The encouragement they receive at Kixx creates a space where children feel empowered, equipping them with a strong sense of self confidence that extends beyond the pitch

Building Confidence and Character at Kixx

At our football academy for kids, we believe in nurturing not just football players but also helping equip our superstars with the right values and skills necessary for life off the pitch too. 

There are so many ways to support your child in developing confidence and building their confidence – enrolling them into our football academy is one of them! We have Kixx Academies for all children aged from just 18 months old and all the way to 11 years old, with hundreds of locations across England and Wales.

Find your closest Kixx football academies right here and join the Kixx football family, a place where your children can learn new skills and positively grow throughout their time with us.