The Ultimate Guide To Football For Under 5s

2nd April 2024

Has your little one expressed an interest in football? Or maybe you’re just looking for a fun, new hobby they can take part in or want to help prepare your preschooler for starting school?

There are lots of fantastic reasons to consider introducing your under-5 to football but how and where do you start? To help, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to football for under 5s.

How Old Does My Child Need To Be To Play Football?

Although every child is different, toddlers can start to throw and kick a ball when they’re around 18 months old. From there, they can start to build on their movement, coordination and skills as their physical development progresses. That’s why, here at Kixx, we offer football lessons from 18 months of age.

The Benefits of Football For Under 5s

There are lots of great reasons to get your little one involved in football and sign them up for lessons. Here are just some of the many benefits of football for under 5s.

an image of kids in football for under 5s class


First and foremost, football is fun! At Kixx, we want all our players to have fun and look forward to coming back to their training sessions again and again.

Our football lessons for under 5s include lots of games and fun activities to engage kids both physically and mentally so there’s never a dull moment.


One of the most special and valuable aspects of football for under 5s is the friendships that can be formed. At Kixx, we love to see our children making new friends and developing their social skills from an early age. Plus, it isn’t just the little ones who make new friends – parents and carers can strike up new friendships and feel part of the community too.


Another key benefit to football for under 5s is that it encourages the development of motor skills. Playing football from a young age can help to improve your child’s balance, coordination, strength, and stamina. These skills alongside helping with communication and overall confidence, all assist our children develop both on and off the field. 


Football can help your child stay fit and healthy by ensuring that they get the right amount of exercise for their age group. Regular exercise isn’t just about improving physical health, either. There are lots of benefits for your child’s mental health, self-esteem and overall wellbeing.

Preparation For School

Football is a great way to help prepare under-5s for their first days at school. If they’ve already experienced meeting new people, making friends, learning how to take turns and wearing a uniform with pride, then it will all come more naturally and easily to them when the big day arrives.

What To Expect In Football For Under 5s

If you’re thinking of signing your little one up for football lessons or joining a local football academy, then you’ll want to know what to expect.

Here at Kixx, we provide:

Tailored Sessions

Many of our children come to us having never tried football before, so we want to make their first introduction to the beautiful game as positive as possible. That’s why our sessions are specifically tailored to the needs and abilities of the children taking part.

A Positive Environment

We want our children to love football as much as we do, that’s why we work so hard to create a positive environment at our football coaching academy.

We believe children play football best when they feel empowered, confident and supported so at #TeamOrange we do all we can to build self-esteem and encourage our children to try new things, knowing they’ve got the full support of their team.

High-Value Lesson Content

Every lesson is packed with high-value content to ensure our under 5s have fun and learn new skills warm-up exercises, fun drills to help our players build excellent foundations and skills for football, and friendly games with teammates to encourage sportsmanship and teamwork.


Consistency helps to build confidence and encourages children to continue playing football as they grow.

Having regular training sessions, their own #TeamOrange kit, and a dedicated, fully qualified coach ensures that every Kixx child has a great start to their football journey.

A Warm Welcome

At Kixx we understand the importance of the support our parents and carers offer the children and the wider footballing community. That’s why at Kixx, you’ll find a warm welcome for the whole family.

Football For Under 5s At Kixx

We hope you’ve found our ultimate guide to football for under 5s helpful!

At Kixx, our football lessons for under 5s start from just 18 months of age, and we pride ourselves on being a positive introduction to the sport for children of all ages.

In this blog, we’ve touched upon the many benefits of football for under 5s but the truth is, there are also many more benefits for the whole family when your child starts attending one of our Kixx football academies.

It can be a great way to bond with your child and become involved in your local community. It can even help you discover your own love of sport and football!

If you’re ready to join Kixx, you can search for an academy near you and become part of the Kixx family today! And if your child is over 5, don’t worry! We believe it’s never too late to start playing football.

For more information about football for under 5s or Kixx Football Academy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01302 618080 or email